Understanding Your Data Recovery Restore Options

In the early days of computers, there was little anyone could do to restore lost data due to system failure or computer crash.  These days, however, there are two basic ways to restore your data in the event of loss.  Your data recovery restore options are to use a software program, or hire a service.

The first option will usually always be the most cost-efficient and can work for most home users and small businesses.  Larger businesses and networks will probably require the services of a company designed to recover lost data.

data restore options

Before we delve any further into these two recovery options, let's talk first about avoiding them in the first place.  One of the best ways to do this is to backup everything you wouldn't want to lose in the event of crash or failure.  This will definitely include your system files, important documents and programs not on disk.

You might also want to save copies of other things like pictures, graphics, music and video files, and games.  You can use floppy disks, CDs and removable drives to perform the backup process.  Once you do, store the items in a sturdy locked box that offers protection against fire, water and theft.

Data Recovery Software

Now let's talk about data recovery software.  There are lots of programs available for purchase in stores and online.  Most of them cost less than $100 and will work well for most users.  After installing the software on your computer, you will be able to restore your data with a simple click or two.

You can organize and locate your files by several different criteria, including name and date.  Many programs come with additional features you may find useful including file undelete, email undelete, computer security and file encryption.

Professional Recovery Service

The second type of data recovery restore, as mentioned before, is to hire a service to restore your data for you.  This is probably the best option for networks and large companies.  The cost of a professional service will vary depending on the company you choose and how extensive the work is going to be.

You might find that you'll pay only a few hundred dollars or less to restore one or two computers, while a large network or RAID recovery can cost thousands.  Comparison shopping can be helpful when it comes to locating the most appropriate service for the most affordable price.