Creating An Effective Data Backup Strategy


data backup strategy

Computer problems can strike anyone, at any time.  You might think that a crash will never happen to you.  After all, you have a great virus protection program and you keep your drive clean and defragmented.  Unfortunately, you may still be at risk for data loss.  What if there is an electrical storm, flood, fire or earthquake that damages your computer?

Or what if you accidentally delete something you shouldn't have?  These things do happen, even to the most watchful computer owner.  Sometimes, computers crash without rhyme or reason, which happened to my own PC that appeared to have no discernable problems.  This is why a data backup strategy is absolutely crucial for every computer owner.

Backing up your data is simple.  You can choose to use a removable, portable drive to back everything up.  You can also use use floppy disks, CDs, or even a combination of all these options.  You might be wondering why you should bother with backing your files up when there are so many helpful recovery software programs and services available.

While these programs and services can be very valuable in the event of data loss, why use them if you don't have to?  By backing up your data, you're potentially saving yourself time and money.

There are certain things you should always back up.  System files that relate to the operation of your computer should always be backed up.  Important documents, music files, pictures, games, drivers and any other programs that you do not have on disk should also be backed up.

Once you've backed up your files, store the disks, CDs or portable drive in a safe location.  Ideally, you should keep your backed up items in a fireproof metal lockbox or small safe to ensure ultimate protection.

Your data backup strategy can be extremely helpful in the event of disaster, computer crash, or data loss.  Even though you may find backing up your files a bit time-consuming at first, you will get used to doing it and will be glad you did.  Imagine how awful it would be if you lost everything stored on your computer.

This is traumatic enough for leisurely home users, but absolutely devastating for businesses and home computer workers.  Backing up your data can keep your computer and/or computer network safe from harm and ensure you never have to concern yourself with the issues of data loss and recovery.